The Annual Biosimilars Forum event series was founded in 2016 by two prestigious Central European scientific societies, the Viennese Section of the IBS and the Hungarian Society for Clinical Biostatistics in cooperation with the Accelsiors CRO Ltd., aimed at increasing effectiveness of clinical research and in order to provide even more effective support in sharing of recent scientific and practical knowledge for biosimilar development professionals and provide an opportunity for a constructive and open dialogue between regulatory professionals, clinical researchers, medical statisticians and pharmaceutical developers.

Viennese Section of the International Biometric Society
The Viennese Section of the International Biometric Society is part of the ROeS, the Austrian Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society (IBS). WBS is an independent, non-profit organization which provides a professional forum for discussions on how to apply statistical methods in biological and medical science.

Hungarian Society for Clinical Biostatistics
The Hungarian Society for Clinical Biostatistics is a national group of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB). One of its aims is to stimulate research of principles and methodologies used in the design and analysis of clinical trial.

Acccelsiors CRO Ltd.
Accelsiors – as a scientific driven CRO – has been a committed supporter of biosimilar drug development, many of their professionals were involved into biosimilar drug development from the early beginnings, guided and managed the first biosimilar drug development projects and professionally supporting clinical trials as well as registration in this innovative field and being active in the clinical research arena in the past two decades.