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Exclusive video lecture series in biosimilar development

Watch for free the presentations from the 2nd Biosimilars Forum

Sign up and watch the lectures delivered at the 2nd Biosimilars Forum by the World’s prominent experts of this complex drug development field.

The 1st and 2nd lessons of the 3-part course about the 'Open issues in the assessment of bioequivalence and biosimilarity' lectured by Helmut SCHÜTZ (Owner at BEBAC – Consultancy Services) are available now.

Start to learn from leading biosimilar research experts! The lecture videos of the series provide a detailed overview about actual issues and challenges of follow-on biologics and guidance for their handling. It is essential for research management, leadership and support teams working across biosimilar drug development.

   Multi-Group and Multi-Site Studies. To pool or not to pool?  | Available now

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The full-length presentation videos of the series include the professional courses and lectures delivered during the 2nd Biosimilars Forum by leading experts in biosimilar development (webcasting stream recorded on 5-6 OCT, 2017).

  • This lecture series with high-quality video courses and presentations provide:
    • a deep insight into the statistical and regulatory aspects of biosimilar research
    • recent scientific and practical knowledge on the assessment of biosimilar products
    • with an open discussion about recent development challenges of biosimilars and guidance for their handling
  • Delivered by leading biosimilar development experts from around the world:
    • regulatory professionals
    • medical scientists, academicians
    • biostatisticians
    • clinical researchers
    • pharmaceutical developers
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How does it work?
The 1st and 2nd video lessons are available now. Sign up by filling out this form and we will email you access for this presentation streams within 1 business day. Each videos of the series will arrive every 2 weeks. The organizers of the Biosimilars Forum will notify you by email when the following presentation is available to watch:

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3-part course: Open issues in the assessment of bioequivalence and biosimilarity

 Available NOW |    53:37

1st Lesson of the course:

Unequal carry-over - “solved” in BE but still an Issue in assessing biosimilarity?

 Available NOW |    52:05

2nd Lesson of the course:

Multi-Group and Multi-Site Studies. To pool or not to pool?

 Coming: End of MAY |  1:39:40

3rd Lesson of the course (with 2 topics):

Group-Sequential and Two-Stage Designs / Reference-scaling and Control of the Type I Error

lectured by Helmut SCHÜTZ
Owner at BEBAC – Consultancy Services for Bioequivalence and Bioavailability Studies

 Coming: Early JUN |    33:25

Clinical trials for biosimilars in Europe: an updated systematic comparison of the clinical development programs

Johanna MIELKE
Novartis Pharma AG

 Coming: Mid JUN |    1:04:35

Scientific factors in biosimilar product development

Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology and Biostatistics, University of Toronto; Former President of Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Scientists

 Coming: Early JUL |    32:45

Algorithms for evaluating reference scaled average bioequivalence: power, bias and consumer risk

Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacology, Semmelweis University / Co-Author: László ENDRÉNYI, Prof. Emeritus of University of Toronto

 Coming: Mid JUL  |    26:30

Regulatory perspective on comparison of quality attributes in drug development

Ina-Christine RONDAK
Biostatistician, Seconded National Expert from Klinikum rechts der Isar of Technische Universität München to EMA

 Coming: Early AUG |    51:02

Keynote Presentation: Nanosimilar development:

Immune side effects of biologicals and nanomedicines: unsolved issues in bio- and nanosimilar development

Director of the Nanomedicine Research and Education Center, Semmelweis Medical University

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